“There had been times that members of staff had refused to go through with sessions as they were not comfortable delivering them to young people.”



The National Audit Office have estimated that ‘Mainstream schools have to make £3.0 billion in efficiency savings by 2019-20’ this loss of money will mean that there is little to no extra resource in the education system in order to provide training of those providing the new SRE system or to hire external providers of SRE. Teaching ‘The Talk’ therefore aims to close this gap in teacher training by supporting teachers based on first hand experience, young people are there to support teachers where they will be increasingly relied on to provide knowledge.

Many might find the idea of young people facilitating a session worrying or untrustworthy but Teaching ‘The Talk’ aims to build a small group of youth experts who will be able to help teachers create the spaces for SRE which can be daunting to start.

When did you last have any RSE training?

Data collected by the National Children's Bureau for Sex Education Forum looking at teacher's frequency of SRE training

“32.7% of young people think their SRE could have been improved through teaching methods that make it less awkward.”

national children’s bureau for sex education forum  |  2018


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