The woman giving the talk was very open and started off by telling us we could have as much sex as we wanted and she didn't care (as we were all 16). There was more emphasis on how important consent was and that it was very important to know the age of the person we were with because of course people can lie and she included anecdotes which helped solidify the point.

She briefly talked about porn which was good for this day and age and it was mainly saying its not realistic and you shouldn't treat women like that as well as when is porn too much porn.

Although boys and girls talks were separate they were both the same apart from girls were told about contraception. I think boys should be educated about contraception as well because they have no idea what it actually does to women despite it being the woman's choice of course.

She also let us know about confidentiality at doctors and a good website to get help from. That's all I can really remember but it was very good she talked about herself a lot and had lots of anecdotes which I think really helped and was in no way trying to scare us more just making us think about things.

This is an anonymous piece of writing describing one person’s experience of sex education. There are both positive and negative experiences here. Their education was not shared by all of their peers as it was separated by gender which impacts negatively on the knowledge everyone receives. However the young person responded well to the anecdotal style of the facilitator which means they remember the education positively.