My sex education wasn’t that good as I realised I was gay/ bi when I was 14-16. So nothing really applied to me as the national curriculum for sex education is very heteronormative. Either was the sex education in my school wasn’t very good.

My schools sex education was mainly biology. We look at diagrams of genital and was given exams on it. We also looked at a scaring PowerPoint of STI’s, probably done to scare us away from sex.Which didn’t work. I didn’t learn about contraceptives until college as my school never covered it.

My personal sex education was done online, mostly through porn as unfortunately that was the only inclusive way of learning about LGBT sex ed. So most of my teenage years was me watching lesbian porn with a notepad in hopes it would work on my girlfriend.

Being the only queer in my family and my friends I couldn’t talk to someone about it for reassurance so I mainly had to rely on myself and the internet, which isn’t reliable as the internet is harmful and anyone can put anything on there, true or false.

So I didn’t have a good sex education, or a helpful one and I mainly have had to learn myself.

This is a short piece written for Teaching 'The Talk' by AwareWolfBlog. Their sex education experience was one shared by many young people and highlights the need for support especially in regards to young people in the LGBT+ community. You can check out more of their writing here: